Use Cases

FieldFLEX has a large successful client base operating in many industry sectors. Our customers in government, healthcare, K-12 & higher education and private industry range in size from small to large and have a broad range of business needs. We encourage you to read our case studies and see how these organizations’ critical decision making, streamlined workflow and overall operational capacities were improved by implementing with FieldFLEX, saving money and increasing efficiencies.

Bring Permitting into the Digital Age

A large industrial plant is struggling to maintain and track all the paperwork associated with their various safety and work permits required to operate their manufacturing plants. They experience inconsistencies with forms being filled out accurately or at all.  Learn more

Pre-Work Risk Assessment

A large facilities services company needed better oversight and management of their hazard and risk assessments, including improving safety for employees and meeting regulatory requirements. The goal for the assessments is to identify hazards and assess risk before a task is started.  Learn more

Residences Ready for Freshman

Every fall universities prepare to welcome thousands of new and returning students back to school and into their dorms. Ensuring residences are cleaned, inspected, and ready at the same time for fall can be challenging and difficult to manage. Learn more

Consistency at Every Location

A large national retailer was unable to determine if each store met company standards for serviceability and safety, in part, because store-related deficiencies and hazards were acknowledged only when a store called to report a problem.  Learn more

Service Requests Lost in Limbo?

A building maintenance company that manages hundreds of properties, was struggling to manage their maintenance tasks, creating an ongoing backlog. There was no method of efficiently managing their technicians or their time.  Learn more

Ensuring a Safe Environment

A not-for-profit organization manages multiple locations for their members who partake in various programs and activities. However, they did not have a clear idea of whether they were meeting compliance requirements, whether maintenance protocols were effective and most importantly, if the environment was safe for the occupants.  Learn more

Changing the See-it, Fix-it Approach

A Fortune 500 manufacturing company was grappling with reactive repairs to production equipment increasingly taking more of their technician’s time to complete. As technicians would come across issues, such as a jammed robotic arm, or a broken or stuck conveyor belt, they would stop and fix it.   Learn more

Time On-Site vs. Time Invoiced

Companies routinely hire contract field technicians to perform various facility and equipment maintenance and repair tasks. There is no reliable oversight of actual time spent working on-site by the contractor to accurately compare to the time reported on the contractor’s invoices. Learn more

Urgent Work Assignment

A large metro train network with over 200 train stations and 500 passenger carriages were facing challenges. These included facing an urgent issue requiring immediate attention, locating nearest available workers, and finding qualified personnel to assign. Learn more

Dynamically Assign Tasks

Running safe and efficient maintenance operations in the Transportation Sector can pose significant challenges for operators when the location and nature of work are unpredictable Learn more

Repair or Replace?

A facilities services company needs to determine whether to replace or repair their assets. Therefore they need background, additional equipment maintenance and operating data as assets are being inspected and assessed. Learn more

Manage your asset readings 

A facilities services company needs a way for their technicians to take meter and performance readings of equipment and assets, and verify results against required operating levels. Learn more

QA for Equipment Installations

A large retailer with several thousand locations nationwide was installing an gate system to reduce theft, but were having issues with installation quality by contractors across all locations. Learn more

Feds Reduce Legal Risk

Large government R/E portfolio with some premises dating pre-19th century. Asbestos and other contaminants are prevalent in the older buildings. There is an abatement/remediation program ongoing as well as a hazardous material register in place. Learn more

Retailer Finds Cost Savings

Retailer with over 2500 sites. 185 average trackable equipment and fixture units per site, 200 average trackable signage units per site, and 2 rebranding and/or merchandise reconfiguration projects per year per store. Learn more

University Reduces Delays

University with multi-campus distribution across metro area, approximately 1,100 square miles. 25,000 full-time and 15,000 part-time students with 3 terms per year and 3 week hiatus. Learn more

Municipality Goes Mobile

Municipality with over 5.5 million s.f. of maintainable space, 3000 properties, 600 buildings spread out geographically over 530 square miles. Maintenance workforce is all mobile and process over 30,000 work requests annually. Learn more