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Field Technician Preparedness:
Pre-Work Assessment
Rounds & Readings

FieldFLEX offers standard Solution Packages to help you get off the ground and on a path to a successful adoption of a mobile Inspections & Checklists App. Whether you’re looking to take a crawl-walk-run approach, or want to jump right in, we’re here to help. Look at what’s included below and let us know how you’d like to get started! 

----------------------------Get Started
✓ = Included in the package
○ = Optional feature that can be included for an additional cost
Provides buy-in from upper management and successful adoption from key usersDeploy to a larger group of users and continue user adoptionDeploy company-wide and/or globally
Standard Features
Role-Based Functionality and User Interface (UI)
Offline Capability with Data Sync
Accommodate Large Amount of Transaction
Secure Login Through Authentication
App Features
Standard Forms & Checklists
Assign to a Work Order
Capture Images and Videos
Capture Signatures
Capture Readings
Add Notes
Associate Assets and Locations
Auto-Trigger Work Orders
Inspection/Checklist Template Builder
Sensor/Beacon Integration
Optional Services
Configuration with Non-Standard TRIRIGA or Maximo Configurations
Infrastructure Setup
InfoSec (Information Security) Settings - IT Vetting, Security Scans, etc.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Mobile Device Management (MDM) Support
On-Premise Implementation
Third Party Document Management
IoT Integrations
Additional ERP Integrations