FieldFLEX Mobile

Use Case

School District Covid19 Investigation & Response


Recently, FieldFLEX had the opportunity to work with a K-12 School District to formalize their COVID19 Investigation and Response. While the District knew they needed to formalize remediation tactics to protect their students, faculty and the public use of their facilities, clear visibility into the response became difficult to achieve due to the many team members involved, and the different responsibilities from each team. As well, the initial response from some of the schools to try and tackle these activities themselves, quickly presented a situation where overlapping activities took their toll and the District’s ability to properly manage their response.

Once a clear requirement for the necessary reporting needed by District Officials came into view, the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Maintenance Services (MS) teams had to ensure all teams were following the same protocols, responding in a timely manner, and were able to show how each COVID19 Positive Alert was responded to. FieldFLEX Maintenance Services and Inspection Services became integral components of their response as each team member, across all the different organizations, is able to easily submit and action Investigation and Response Tasks.

The safety of all those involved was the primary factor, but timeline and cost were also a factor in the District’s decision. After a few discovery sessions, and then a Requirements gathering Workshop, FieldFLEX was able to offer a solution in under 90-days that allows users across the District to submit a potential investigation through Service Request, then assign the converted Work Task to an EHS member who owns the management and reporting of those response activities.

The EHS member can quickly initiate a “COVID19 Investigation” which allows them to capture and manage trace-routing, contact-routing, ambient details, and associated work needed to respond to the potential exposure to ensure work is being performed within established timelines following the remediation protocols established by the District.

A centralized reporting portal was a much-needed component of the solution, which we were able to provide leveraging the COVID19 Investigation and its’ associated Work Tasks. District Managers can login to FieldFLEX and view the end-to-end cycle – from the moment it was reported, to the time it was resolved, allowing for complete transparency in their response and remediation.


Issue: K-12 School District needed to quickly formalize consistent Covid19 Investigation & Response

  1. District needed a definitive Work Stream for managing COVID19 Investigations as well as any follow-up activities
  2. Multiple teams, workgroups and locations were involved, each with their own toolsets and processes
  3. Lack of enforced standards for response, as well as enforcement of District-wide protocols
  4. Quickly changing District priorities and Requirements needed to be available within the solution expediently
  5. Reporting on timeliness of responses was unattainable or nearly unattainable due to lag in reporting and manual preparation involved.


  1. District needed the solution rolled out to all necessary users quickly
  2. Tailored UX per User Group, with a UI per Role within each Group allowing different Roles different actions
  3. Enforcement of standardized, required actions and next steps
  4. Approvals, as required, need to be available for certain roles
  5. Verification, in certain Tasks and Inspections, was necessary
  6. Solution must continue to scale and adapt to changing Requirements quickly


FieldFLEX Maintenance Services with integrated Inspections

Features Leveraged:

  1. Easy-to-configure Inspection Templates allowing for updated trace-routing, contact-tracing, ambient detail collection and other relevant, changing data to be collected
  2. Associated Work Tasks and Inspections to provide better reporting options in TRIRIGA
  3. Ambient data collection through Weather Channel API collection
  4. Multi-destination Route Optimization to enable newly contracted work force easy navigation to job location
  5. Voice-to-text became a critical component for Inspection validation in the field
  6. Geo-positioning for Work Task location confirmation was heavily used


  1. A Mobile Platform allowing 20+ Team Members access to functionality in less than 90-days
  2. Inspection templates allowing Environment Controls Team Members to initiate and manage their internal Work Stream, along with management of COVID19 Response activities
  3. A Reporting portal allowing District Managers access to COVID19 remediation activity, with current Status on all activities