FieldFLEX Mobile

Use Case

QA for Equipment Installations

Mobile application: FieldFLEX – Quality & Risk Management (QRM)


A large retailer with several thousand locations nationwide was installing an gate system to reduce theft, but were having issues with installation quality by contractors across all locations.


FieldFLEX implemented their Quality & Risk Management app which included work orders with installation and configuration procedures for the installers, plus calibration and quality control check orders for the project verification teams.

  1. FieldFLEX QRM app deployed to contractor (3rd party vendor) mobile technicians including with checklist
  2. Checklist feature that allowed enabling/disabling of a checklist items as gate equipment system was not exactly same for each store.
  3. Reminders automatic on instructions/guidance.
  4. Workflow control so that install tasks cannot be completed unless all items on checklist completed with pictures included.
  5. Automatic submission of contractor invoice, including all verification backup (pictures), upon work order completion.


  1. Automated and streamlined quality assurance process.
  2. Successful installation in one visit.
  3. Validated work enables streamlined invoice submission.

Key Outcomes:

  1. Consistent contractor performance nationwide.
  2. Significant reduction of procure-to-pay cycle


FieldFLEX Enterprise Mobile Platform tightly integrates with IBM Maximo and TRIRIGA platforms and has all the field service capabilities available to help you maintain and inspect your assets and facilities.