FieldFLEX Mobile

Use Case #1

Maximize Efficiency During Inspection Rounds

Rounds & Reading with Scan-It

How much time is wasted with multiple visits to locations and assets to inspect, take readings and file reports? When inspectors are missing key information and data, they may be unable to complete the report or in some cases be unaware that a similar asset needs attention at the same location. When assets have easy-to-scan barcodes, inspectors can record meter readings, make observations, perform tasks and fill out any required regulated reporting documents. During typical, regular inspections, an engineer may be in close proximity to other assets that may not be on their list but can be easily scanned to either update or inspected if time permits. This allows real-time observations as well as decisions to be made while your team is on their rounds.


  1. Team spending too much time finding asset and history
  2. Errors in required reporting documents
  3. Missed opportunities to inspect and report on assets at same location
  4. Wasted time and money on repeated visits


  1. Scan asset to get history, details and required reports
  2. Full inspection with nothing missed
  3. Regulated reporting attached to asset
  4. Know any past repairs or issues
  5. Do any other assets close by need work?


FieldFLEX Maintenance Services with integrated Inspections

  1. Scan-It barcode for all assets
  2. Inspectors have full itemized list
  3. Notifications via IoT of pending WO that are in proximity
  4. Technician can choose to service other assets then and there


  1. Reduce man hours substantially and operational efficiencies
  2. Problems or potential issues caught early
  3. Reduce down-time for assets
  4. Rounds are faster – data collection starts as soon as barcode is scanned
  5. Barcode eliminated human error and improves data accuracy
  6. Regulatory reports are complete and accurate
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