FieldFLEX Mobile

Use Case

Add or Update Assets with Scan-It


A facilities department at a large university was unable to get an accurate overview of assets and was instead spending time and resources dealing with issues of lost or misplaced assets or assets that needed repairs. Improving their asset management was top priority as more and more time was being spent responding to urgent issues and emergencies instead of optimizing their team and managing assets effectively. The two main areas to be addressed: create and maintain an accurate record of assets in one place – TRIRIGA, and to access specific asset records before starting work to confirm maintenance and repair history. With the barcode scans in place, there was the added opportunity to identify any other issues with assets nearby, offering efficiencies and improving productivity.


  1. Team spending too much time finding asset and history sometimes only to find out the asset does not exist in their TRIRIGA system
  2. Similar looking equipment causes mistakes and errors.
  3. Missed opportunities to repair assets at same location
  4. Wasting time and money


  1. Have all asset info recorded in one place
  2. Easy way to confirm asset ID before starting work
  3. Know exactly what needs to be done to particular asset
  4. Know any past repairs or issues
  5. Do any other assets close by need work?


FieldFLEX Maintenance Services with integrated Inspections

  1. Scan-It barcode for all assets
  2. Technician can scan and add or update asset records
  3. Work tasks includes asset repair history and lifecycle data
  4. Notifications via IoT of pending WO that are in proximity
  5. Technician can choose to service other assets then and there
  6. Work tasks can itemize asset-specific inspection requirements


  1. Efficient use of resources on-site saving time & money
  2. On demand access to asset information
  3. Technician able to access all relevant documents
  4. Significant improvement in service time overall
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