FieldFLEX Mobile

Use Case

Time On-Site vs. Time Invoiced

Mobile application: FieldFLEX Technician – Work Management (Vendor version)


Companies routinely hire contract field technicians to perform various facility and equipment maintenance and repair tasks. There is no reliable oversight of actual time spent working on-site by the contractor to accurately compare to the time reported on the contractor’s invoices. Due to disparate systems, gaps in process, behavior-dependent processes and offline activity, there is suspicion that repair time data/labor is invoiced inaccurately.


A large retailer with several thousand locations nationwide was installing an gate system to reduce theft, but were having issues with installation quality by contractors across all locations.


FieldFLEX implemented the Work Management app for Vendors and on-site personnel to gain visibility into vendor time-on-site versus time-on-invoice

FieldFLEX Technician

  1. Ability to easily deploy FFX-Technician to vendor users
  2. Users automatically receive assigned tasks and FFX guides worker through the process, ensuring thorough and accurate completion of task
  3. FFX automatically logs when technician arrives/departs using GPS (or Bluetooth indoors).
  4. Captures number of technicians, arrival time (response) and resolution time (time on task) in online/offline environments.
  5. Ability to alert store manager of user arrival/departure


The improvements were noticeable

  1. Reduced work cycle time as vendors receive and update work task information on the spot
  2. Normalization of ‘task-specific time’ turned into ‘expected task-specific time’ (will pay no more than $$ for this task)
  3. Able to isolate vendors who mis-report/over-bill for time.

Key Outcomes:

  1. Off line capability allows for a closed loop process/data collection regarding the labor side of the contractor’s invoice.
  2. Measure performance accurately versus SLA which measure both response and resolution time.
  3. Greater control over managing average labor cost per work order.


FieldFLEX Enterprise Mobile Platform tightly integrates with IBM Maximo and TRIRIGA platforms and has all the field service capabilities available to help you maintain and inspect your assets and facilities.