FieldFLEX Mobile

Access Your EAM System On The Go With An Enterprise Mobile App

The FieldFLEX ecosystem, not only includes powerful mobile apps for Maximo and TRIRIGA, but several other key technologies that are crucial to your success: FieldFLEX FXV Platform, Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK), and the FieldFLEX Vendor Platform.  Together, these provide an enterprise-ready mobile system that works for any organization.

Mobile Apps for Maximo and TRIRIGA

Operations & Maintenance

Service Requests
Work Orders
Corrective Actions
Preventative Maintenance
Asset Management
Field Technicians
Employee Engagement

Inspections & Checklists

Building & Space Audits​
Equipment Inspections
Incident Response​
Regulatory Inspections​
Pre-Work Risk Assessment​
Safety Permits​
Rounds & Readings
Housekeeping Audits​

Facility Condition Assesments

Capital Project Planning
End-of-Life Replacement
Deferred Maintenance Planning
Cost Estimates
RSMeans Integration

Space & Occupancy Management

Space Audits
Occupancy Audits
Move Management
Space Inspections
Maps & Floor Plans
Room/Workspace Reservations
Kiosk Integration

FieldFLEX FXV Platform

The FieldFLEX FXVPlatform is the technology underpinning the entire FieldFLEX ecosystem.  The FXVPlatform provides enterprise-ready services connected across a trusted and secure foundation.

The platform is packed with features that scale with your needs, including offline user and data management, security and authentication, IoT integration, multiple simultaneous back-end integrations, GUI forms design, interactive maps and drawings, workflow scheduling, and more.

Whether you’re work with mobile Maximo app for maintenance and inspections, or a mobile assessments  app for TRIRIGA, the FieldFLEX FXVPlatform has  you covered.

Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK)

FieldFLEX Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK)

The FieldFLEX Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) allows users to configure, modify, and expand FieldFLEX Mobile Apps including maintenance services, inspections, facility condition assessment, and asset management. The FieldFLEX Mobile SDK will help you develop, deploy and support your field techs and all mobile users, while keeping control of your timelines and costs.

FieldFLEX Vendor Platform

The FieldFLEX Vendor Platform allows you to onboard and engage your 3rd-Party vendors and contractors with ease and get them fulfilling their assigned work immediately.  Onboarding and dispatch automation reduces administrative errors and delays, expedites data updates from the field technicians, and shortens the procure-to-pay cycle.

maintenance app, work order app, inspection app

FieldFLEX Solution Packages

maximo app, maintenance app, work order app, inspection app

The FieldFLEX Standard Solution Packages help you get off the ground and on a path to a successful adoption of a Maximo mobile solution or a TRIRIGA mobile solution. Whether you’re looking to take a crawl-walk-run approach or want to jump right in, we have a solution that can help.