FieldFLEX Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the FieldFLEX mobile app offerings?

FieldFLEX offers a broad range of mobile apps for Technicians, Vendors, and Employees/Visitors.

-For Technicians: Work Management, Inspections, Condition Assessment, Space Management, Project Management

-For Vendors: Work dispatch, Work management, Invoicing

-For Employees & Visitors: Service Requests, Reservations, Maps and Wayfinding

Which enterprise systems does FieldFLEX integrate with?

FieldFLEX currently integrates with IBM TRIRIGA, IBM Maximo, and ARCHIBUS.

What devices can FieldFLEX be used on?

While FieldFLEX can be used on most commercially available smartphones and tablets, we test on a limited set of devices using baseline versions of the mobile operating systems.

Is FieldFLEX available in the cloud?

Yes, FieldFLEX software is available in Pure Cloud or Hybrid Cloud environments.

How is FieldFLEX priced?

FieldFLEX uses an authorized user license model, priced by application.  Licenses are sold on a subscription or term basis.

Do I need a separate server to run FieldFLEX?

Yes, the FieldFLEX server is a lightweight mobile middleware server that manages data and service orchestration, authentication and security and provisions the mobile user with all necessary data and features to prepare devices to be fully off-line for long periods of time.  You can never predict when or where your device will lose connectivity – best to be prepared for the inevitable.

Does FieldFLEX work with Mobile Device Management Systems?

Yes, FieldFLEX integrates with most commercially available mobile device management platforms supporting application provisioning, single sign-on and security.

Can I create my own inspections and checklists without programming?

Yes, FieldFLEX has a fully data-driven inspection framework which allows you to create your own inspections and checklists for any purpose.  Inspections and checklists can be scheduled and assigned to inspectors or performed ad-hoc.  Additionally, inspections can be associated with locations, assets or work types and be filled out within a work order, space survey or an assessment activity to name a few.

Can FieldFLEX perform field worker route optimization & scheduling?

Yes, as you select multiple tasks for execution, FieldFLEX can arrange those tasks into an optimal order based on location, estimated task time and travel time.  The optimized work route is plotted on a map and can be scheduled into your device’s calendar.

Does FieldFLEX support multiple languages?

Yes, FieldFLEX currently supports:

English (US), English (UK), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, French, French (CA), German,Italian,Polish, Portugese, Portugese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian,Czech, Hungarian, Finnish, Japanese.

Does FieldFLEX offer an SDK?

FieldFLEX offers a full SDK for its mobile platform giving customers the ability to modify FieldFLEX apps or create new mobile apps