FieldFLEX Mobile

EAM Solutions Packages

FieldFLEX offers Standard Solution Packages to help you get off the ground and on a path to a successful adoption of a mobile solution.

Get Started Package

Provides buy-in from upper management and successful adoption from key users

Deployment Package

Deploy to a larger group of users and continue user adoption

Enterprise Package

Deploy company-wide and/or globally

We’ve developed packages for all of our Operations & Maintenance Management (O&M), Inspections & Checklists, Facility Condition Assessments (FCA), and Space & Occupancy Management apps. Whether you’re looking to take a crawl-walk-run approach or want to jump right in, we’re here to help.

All FieldFLEX Standard and Advanced Solutions come with an Extensive Feature Set that includes:

  • Continuous use on-or-offline
  • Pre-built TRIRIGA or Maximo integration packs
  • Role-based UX
  • Dynamic task assignments
  • Barcode NFC, and RFID scanning for assets and location
  • Push notifications and alerts
  • Time and materials capture
  • Content and document handling
  • Scalable and optimized for BIG data
  • Location awareness and tracking
  • Multi-Destination Route Optimization
  • Dynamic forms builder

Bundles & options

Bundled Discounts

Our O&M Package is the Base Package most customers begin with then add from there. However, we offer Bundled Discounts if you prefer to start with additional functionality.

Advanced Solutions

Maybe a Standard Package isn’t for you. Maybe you’re looking for a more Advanced  Solution. Well, we have those too! We have built these type of solutions for many of our customers and will be happy to build one for you as well.

Competitive Upgrade

Are you currently using a different mobile solution, but aren’t happy with its performance? Maybe you need to scale? Maybe you need a more secure solution? Maybe you just need a more responsive solution to increase productivity? No matter what it is, we can help! We offer Competitive Upgrade Packages that will take your solution to the next level.