FieldFLEX Mobile


Maintenance Management: A mobile-user-centric approach

We all know that paper, clipboards, logbooks are a thing of the past and don’t work for technicians working out in the field. It is crucial they have the RIGHT data at their fingertips to support doing their job efficiently, accurately and in a timely manner –  Mobile app performance supporting field worker performance.

Condition Assessment: A Mobile-forward approach

Federal, state, county and local governments all need a way to create accurate, comprehensive budgets for regular maintenance and capital spending, not only to mitigate failures but to align with official development plans, fulfil public, regional and social commitments and ensure communities are kept safe.

Minimizing the Turnstile Effect: Ensuring mobile app performance & scalability

The app looks great, but no-one wants to use it. Why? Because system stability, scalability and performance can become affected at more that 10 concurrent mobile users, creating the turnstile effect. This paper looks at what is necessary behind the scenes to make an enterprise mobile

Field Service Management: Improving the Work Cycle

Management of the workplace is changing; managers are incorporating new processes into the operational workflow through mobile technology. We examine the explosion of mobile technology in the workforce and why the need for good mobile app performance lends to improving the operational work cycle.

How Mobile Apps Can Ensure Accurate Data with Reduced Effort

Space surveys and audits are labor intensive. Traditional data collection methods indicate surveys can be an arduous process.  This whitepaper looks at automating

Mobile Drawings: Turning CAD Plans into Interactive Maps

Many organizations have already embraced mobility or are in the process of deploying mobile solutions for more than just corporate email. Today, users demand good mobile app performance and the value of many of these mobile solutions can be greatly improved by the addition of interactive mobile floor maps.