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Pre-Work Risk Assessment App

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FS Company Takes Risks Out of the Work – Before the Work Starts


A large facilities services company needed better oversight and management of their hazard and pre-work risk assessment, including improving safety for employees and meeting regulatory requirements. The goal for the assessments is to identify hazards and assess risk before a task is started. The assessments are to understand the nature of work and impact to technician and/or occupants for every job and then take steps to mitigate that risk. As an example, if a fire alarm system is being serviced in a facility making it temporarily unavailable, it would be necessary to consider how many people/occupants may be affected and for how long and then take specific steps to manage the risk in the event of a fire. Or if a technician arrives on site and needs to use a lift or 20’ ladder for high-angle work, the hazards are documented, and specific steps and controls are taken before the job starts. The facilities company was not effectively evaluating and capturing hazards, therefore safety and regulatory requirements were not being fulfilled. They were not able to prove that they identified hazards or were aware of the risks and took steps to mitigate them.


FieldFLEX Inspections with Pre-Work Risk Assessment  

FieldFLEX implemented their Inspections app that includes a pre-work risk assessment mobile app to streamline and improve the quality of pre-work risk assessments.

  1. Risk assessment required before job can be started
  2. Multiple hazards can be added
  3. Ability for hazards to be documented with picture capture, annotation and notes
  4. Mitigation steps and controls per hazard
  5. Minimum one hazard and one control required to complete risk assessment
  6. If risk level too high, user can decline job
  7. Validate with signature capture once risk assessment is completed


  1. Improved safety for employees across the board
  2. 100% compliance for regulatory requirements
  3. Documented identification of hazards and risk evaluations for every task


  1. Proactive in acknowledging risk and finding mitigation controls
  2. Potential workplace accidents reduced
  3. Digital documentation for regulatory agencies

FieldFLEX Enterprise Mobile Platform tightly integrates with IBM Maximo and TRIRIGA platforms and has all the field service capabilities available to help you maintain and inspect your assets and facilities.

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