FieldFLEX Mobile

Use Case

Scan-It for Efficient Use of Resources

Saving Time & Money


A large regional health authority, with 12 acute care hospitals plus several other health care facilities, serving over 1.8 million people with 40,000 staff members.


Facilities and equipment technicians are assigned to service and repair hospital beds located in hospital wards that often contain several beds of the same make and model. Hospital beds are portable by nature, making it difficult to locate these expensive assets.  And, due to time constraints, technicians are assigned their tasks one bed at a time to allow for locating and servicing the item.  Technicians locate and service the equipment and go on to their next job, without knowing that other beds in the same ward are due for similar servicing. Multiple individual job assignments to different technicians are required in order to complete the routine servicing for each bed.


Configure and deploy FieldFLEX Maintenance Services with inspections. Technicians can scan equipment barcodes (such as hospital beds) at a location and then view repair history, view pending work and view equipment details. If a scheduled service task is pending for some equipment, the technician can choose to service it on the spot. Significant savings by reducing non-productive time locating equipment and eliminating multiple task assignments, to different technicians for equipment located in a single location. All relevant equipment maintenance documents are available to the technicians on site.


  1. Similar looking equipment causes mistakes and errors.
  2. Missed opportunities to repair assets at same location
  3. Wasting time and money


  1. Easy way to confirm asset ID before starting work
  2. Know exactly what needs to be done to particular asset
  3. Any past repairs or issues
  4. Know if any other assets close by need work


FieldFLEX Maintenance Services with integrated Inspections

  1. Work tasks includes repair history
  2. WO itemizes requirements
  3. Notifications of pending WO that are in proximity
  4. Technician can choose to service then and there


  1. Efficient use of resources on-site saving time & money
  2. Technician able to access all relevant documents
  3. Significant improvement in service time overall
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