FieldFLEX Mobile

Use Case

Manage your asset readings

Manage readings and meet your business requirements

Mobile application: Fieldflex – Maintenance Services


A facilities services company needs a way for their technicians to take meter and performance readings of equipment and assets, and verify results against required operating levels.


FieldFLEX implemented their maintenance services app with an extension that creates business requirements. This app extension attaches the reading to the business object and to the criteria and then determines what needs to be verified.

  1. Technician takes reading (eg: temperature, speed, air flow) which automatically connects with established criteria.
  2. Past work history/readings easily viewed.
  3. Verification process built in.


  1. Time saved with cohesive system connecting readings with required criteria.
  2. Business requirements and safety requirements met.
  3. Verification workflow in place.

Key Outcomes:

  1. Streamlined management of assets with required reading.
  2. All-in-one system for reading and managing asset readings


FieldFLEX Enterprise Mobile Platform tightly integrates with IBM Maximo and TRIRIGA platforms and has all the field service capabilities available to help you maintain and inspect your assets and facilities.