FieldFLEX Mobile

May 17, 2021

The Cost of NOT Implementing Mobile

We’ve talked to many customers and one of the first questions is “how much will this cost?” It’s a common question, and a legitimate one at that. But maybe the better question is “what will it cost if we don’t implement a mobile solution?” Customers can spend significant budget dollars when inefficiently processing Preventative Maintenance (PM) Tasks and Corrective Work Orders. What if you could gain many of those dollars back?

  1. Increase Field Worker Efficiency  Achieve up to 23% reduction in time spent referencing and recording data in the field using well-suited mobile apps as compared to traditional field notation methods​
  2. Increase Field Worker Productivity​  Gain up to 18% in productivity immediately, with the availability of Work Tasks on a device with all related information routing optimization and current communications
  3. Reduce Cost and Expense​  7.5 Hours saved per week (on average) by each mobile user due to zero offline data loss, decreased travel time, context-driven data input, real-time status and communication updates​
  4. Generate Revenue​  By reducing maintenance costs and equipment down-time while increasing asset’s useful life and reducing risk associated with regulatory or safety violations​
  5. Manage Risk and Quality  Work performed without a pre-work risk assessment is 4x more likely to result in a significant safety hazard than work performed with an assessment​