FieldFLEX Mobile

October 25, 2016

Mobile Site Portal: Creating Mobile Engagement

Mobile in the enterprise has finally made it into the corporate lexicon. We don’t talk about our business apps without considering mobile. And, that’s a good thing, because the traditional workplace has changed and a growing number of us are never at our desks anymore. To a large degree, we expect our work environment to mimic our personal environment so want the mobile apps at work to act and behave like the mobile apps that engage us in our personal lives.

So how do you create engagement? The shift from mobile computing to Mobile Engagement begins with moving the mobile user from application end-points to the center of multiple, integrated mobile business apps. The engagement shift continues when the connected mobile business apps are made IoT-ready, and connect mobile users with their physical workspace. The shift is complete when the mobile user can operate within a framework that allows all mobile apps to be proximity, or location-aware, can seamlessly connect and integrate business and non-business mobile apps, and drives overall user satisfaction and business improvements through engagement.

Emphasis on thoughtful mobile design to create a great mobile user experience has to include mobile user engagement with their physical environment. It’s all about engagement across the enterprise with technology connecting people, space and information. The FieldFLEX Site Portal framework offers mobile users many benefits including positioning, locating & navigation, task automation based on location, real-time data collection and updates based on location, as well as real-time performance feedback. Business improvements include productivity improvements, workplace utilization improvements, and shorter/stronger decision cycle.

Mobile apps, like businesses, can’t operate in silos. Connect your buildings, integrate your apps, engage your users.

Steve Lisle