FieldFLEX Mobile

A Complimentary Mobile Readiness Assessment

Are you ready for enterprise mobile applications?

Whether your company has an enterprise mobility strategy or you’re just introducing mobile devices to your enterprise, have you considered how mobile applications can and should impact your business?  Our collective notion of how mobile applications need to exist in the enterprise is heavily influenced by our experience with consumer mobile applications.  But, the two are not created equal.  Understanding this difference is critical.

Our team of enterprise mobile professionals will help you evaluate what enterprise mobile applications mean to you and your business.  We will help you design the optimal mobile business platform that suites your needs and recommend a deployment approach that will get mobile into the hands of your users quickly and effectively, ensuring them a positive experience.

What does our Readiness Assessment include?

A 2-hour online session with our mobile experts will gather the information as outlined. You will receive a written assessment from FieldFLEX with recommendations for your mobile application deployment, including our findings from the assessment session, business process change considerations, as well as a list of scope items for your deployment planning.

IT and infrastructure review  Review your current IT security policies, mobile device management platforms and user authentication protocols.

Scalability Assessment  Explore various usage scenarios, the volume of users, and peak demand times for data sync. 

Back-end Application and Business Process Assessment  Walk through of your business processes and workflow as they relate to your current system of record (TRIRIGA)

Data Assessment  Review of a sample set of your data to look for data quality, completeness, standardization

Mobile Application Review & Process Mapping  Walk through of some standard mobile screens to identify gaps between current field processes and mobile app processes 

User Profile & Readiness Review  Assessment of user readiness, familiarity with mobile applications, known limitations