FieldFLEX Mobile

July 12, 2017

Realizing the Unintended Benefits of Mobile Space Management

There have been some interesting articles lately focusing on how the typical office is transforming with titles like ‘Eliminating the Need’ to ‘No Desk of Your Own’. But the office isn’t disappearing, it’s just changing. Modernization is happening through mobility – employees want flexibility in how and where they work, and organizations that embrace this are finding that mobility, as a means to engage their employees, is a success driver.

However, with the changing work patterns, the average office is empty or goes unused 55% of the time, according to Regus research and studies show employees are not at their desk 50-60% of the time. Furthermore, 2/3 of people want to work from home and 80% of teleworkers consider it a perk. ( So, how can you maximize use of your company’s office space and at the same time keep employees connected and engaged?

The first step is to get a read on the current ‘true’ space utilization in your portfolio. Up to 70% of companies have an inconsistent approach to space planning and management with limited access to accurate data. This knowledge is essential to establish space performance targets and ultimately reduce the cost of unused office space. By thinking of office space as a resource and developing a shared system, businesses can meet cost management and sustainability goals. With FieldFLEX Mobile Space Manager app, you can capture and analyze vital workspace utilization data constantly with continuous access to accurate, timely information which will allow you to reduce average area per employee through space optimization and new planning standards.

Next you need to enable your employees to access this flexible space with ease and confidence. Today’s workforce is well versed in mobile, is socially connected on their phone and want to connect with their work environment on their mobile device. Studies have shown that employees who are untethered from their desk are 35-40% more productive. ( By having non-dedicated work stations available for employees that are only in the office some of the time, and by managing meeting spaces and schedules, facility managers can greatly benefit from their mobile workforce to gain visibility into actual utilization.

It all sounds good, but there are challenges. How do you keep your mobile work force engaged when they are in different buildings or moving around to different desks? Offering a self-serve mobile reservation system for desks and rooms makes it easy, quick and extremely efficient for each employee to book space. The FieldFLEX Mobile Self-Service app allows staff/visitors to locate and reserve rooms, equipment or amenities and to also submit requests for maintenance or services. With mobile technology, facility managers can confidently assess their space and employ an optimization strategy that streamlines usage while also offering a scalable model that gives them the opportunity to adjust depending on needs.

Companies that instill a culture of opportunity, providing innovative tools so employees are empowered to succeed, will benefit. Employees, engaged and connected to their space with familiar, easy FieldFLEX Mobile apps, can work effectively and productively anytime, anyplace.