FieldFLEX Mobile

July 7, 2021

Data Analytics – Big Data Handling = Big Data Reporting (BDH=BDR)

I recently came across someone’s job title of Head of Big Data. Sure, there are many roles where data is being managed and analyzed, but this one caught my attention as to how succinct it was. No embellishment. No acronyms. Just simply, I am the Head of Big Data. Although it could be considered a somewhat quirky title, it fits so well when Big Data is everywhere these days. Data that contributes to this instant gratification culture we tend to be in now.

In the world of Operations, the data revolves around work tasks, preventative maintenance, equipment reliability & performance, regulatory compliance, and so much more. Here are some things to consider when analyzing your operations data:

  • Are your mobile apps able to handle “big data” – without performance loss?
  • Do your mobile field staff have access to ALL of the data they need?
  • What about when they are offline?
  • What other rich information would you like field workers to have access to when in the field?
  • Is there more you could be doing to empower your mobile field staff with data?

How you analyze and consume your data, and weed out the noise, can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. FieldFLEX Mobile has the tools you need to capture and analyze, while providing a platform that can handle the huge amounts of data being collected daily, without losing any performance.