FieldFLEX Mobile

April 11, 2017

Is Your Enterprise Ready for Mobile? Ask These Questions First.

How do you determine what is the best mobile solution for your enterprise that will enable users to get the data and functionality they need? What software will integrate smoothly, assimilate large amounts of data, comply with your security requirements, give the end users an engaged experience, and ultimately make your business more effective and efficient? Here are the answers to the top questions asked at the FieldFLEX booth during the recent InterConnect conference.

What is the security level with the FieldFLEX mobile app?
At the device level, all data is encrypted for transport to and from the server over SSL. Any data stored on the mobile device resides in an encrypted mobile database, the FieldFLEX server stores no data. User access is controlled by username & password authentication or through mobile device management platform. Remote management features, such as user lock and device wipe, are available with the platform.

What backend systems does FieldFLEX integrate with?
Our mobile platform integrates with IBM TRIRIGA, Maximo and a variety of other products – single mobile solution for corporate real estate, condition assessment, facilities management, operations, lease and capital projects.

How much data can be assimilated?
Our mobile platform can process and load 100,000+ data records on mobile device in under 20 seconds. Role and user-specific data handling configurations can adjust data limits.

How are drawings published?
Mobile drawing can be published directly from your AutoCAD or Revit floorplans.
Customers can choose content that is published offering layering visibility control. FieldFLEX drawing publisher reduces the CAD file size by up to 90% to improve download speed and performance in the mobile apps. Drawings are used in the mobile apps for wayfinding, pin-point locating, thematic and region highlighting and drill-path navigation.

Off-line – does the application still fully work?
The FieldFLEX platform provides full use of mobile apps when device is off-line without any loss of data or application usability, including generating service requests with images.

Should we use SaaS or an On-premise product?
We offer both options. Our mobile platform is available in the cloud or deployments can be on-premise at the customer site, or 3rd party hosting site.

What is typical time frame for deployment?
We pride ourselves on rapid development capability. The typical FieldFLEX baseline installation is 6 weeks with minimal configuration. We don’t just say that…with our experience, expertise and agility, we deploy a production ready product faster than anybody.

Hope that helps answer some of the initial questions you have about mobile enterprise software.

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