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FieldFLEX Mobile Announces the Next Generation of their Mobile Platform, FieldFLEX 12

October 27, 2020

OTTAWA, ONOct. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — FieldFLEX (,  the leading developer of mobile enterprise software for corporate real estate, enterprise asset management (EAM), and integrated workplace management (IWMS), announces Version 12 of its popular enterprise mobile platform and applications.

FieldFLEX’s major new release incorporates the latest in enterprise mobile technologies available on the market. Two significant advancements include a completely re-engineered user interface and the new FieldFLEX Integration Performance Platform (IPP).

The user interface has been completely reconstructed to take advantage of new design components and navigation methods to improve the user experience. “We didn’t just apply a coat of paint to this version, we completely redesigned the experience, from the components that underpin the user interface to the layout. Now, if you want your apps to have a completely iOS look and feel, you can have it”, said Steve Lisle, Chief Commercial Officer.

Along with the new UI, FieldFLEX 12 also introduces the new Integration Performance Platform (IPP) that dramatically improves data synchronization between the mobile apps and back-end applications by up to 500%. David Fedy, Chief Technical Officer states, “Moving millions of records back and forth between our mobile apps and back-end applications at high speeds is a huge challenge as businesses embrace the new mobile or remote workplace. To overcome this we designed and built a new integration engine – IPP, enhancing our mobile platform’s ability to produce Low Friction Data and increase the volume and flow of data to the mobile device. Additionally, back-end integration support has been improved making it easier and quicker to integrate FieldFLEX with multiple systems simultaneously.”

FieldFLEX 12 is available now under the early release program and will have general release in December 2020.

About FieldFLEX

FieldFLEX is the leading developer of mobile enterprise software for corporate real estate, enterprise asset management (EAM), and workplace management, offering a full range of mobile enterprise productivity applications from field services to employee self-service. We develop fully integrated, highly-scalable, IoT-enabled mobile solutions that not only offer operational efficiencies by reducing costs and risks, but foster a culture of employee engagement by connecting mobile users with their workplace. Established in 2003, FieldFLEX has operations throughout The Americas, Asia and Europe serving all private and public sector organizations, including Retail, Education, Government, Finance, Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals. We are trusted enterprise mobile advisors for some of the top Fortune 100 companies.

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