Use Case

University reduces term start-up delays


University with multi-campus distribution across metro area, approximately 1,100 square miles. 25,000 full-time and 15,000 part-time students with 3 terms per year and 3 week hiatus between terms.


The university was not able to proceed with 20% of classes on the first day of each term due to various issues including

  • Missing furniture
  • Broken lighting
  • Missing or broken A/V and computer equipment
  • Physical damage to rooms
  • Unkempt rooms

This was a result of less than 25% of the instructional space was being inspected prior to term starting.


They survey and inspect the space prior to start of term and report any deficiencies to Facilities, IT or A/V Services at least 2 weeks prior to term start.

Using the FieldFLEX mobile inspections app, classroom services personnel would be able to

  • Perform baseline instructional space survey/inventory on mobile devices
  • Inspections would be performed on all space 2 weeks prior to term start
  • Maintenance, IT and AV services would automatically be notified of any and all deficiencies
  • Have enough time to make all necessary repairs and/or replacements.


The University was able to achieve 100% on-time start with

  • Only minor issues that didn’t prevent classes from starting
  • Positive shift from reactive to scheduled maintenance
  • Added benefit of inventory data
  • 20% savings realized in new furniture and equipment spend using surplus first

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