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FieldFLEX offers standard Solution Packages to help you get off the ground and on a path to a successful adoption of a mobile Inventory Management App. Whether you’re looking to take a crawl-walk-run approach, or want to jump right in, we’re here to help. Take a look at what’s included below and let us know how you’d like to get started! In

Parts & Materials Requests for TRIRIGA and Maximo

Give your field techs the ability to search parts catalogs, request parts for work orders, issue parts to work orders, self-pick parts and materials, or return unused parts to the warehouse – all from the work management app.

Mobile Apps for IBM Maximo and TRIRIGA

Request Fulfillment for TRIRIGA and Maximo

Warehouse and stores techs can receive parts and materials requests, pick parts for work orders by scanning bin or part barcodes, and automatically notify field techs when orders are ready for pickup.  Special parts orders or parts replenishment orders can also made within the app.

Mobile Apps for IBM Maximo and TRIRIGA

Inventory Management for TRIRIGA and Maximo

Warehouse and stores techs can perform cycle counts, receive new or replenishment parts and materials into the warehouse, dispose of parts, or transfer parts from one stores location to another.

------------------------Get Started
✓ = Included in the package
○ = Optional feature that can be included for an additional cost
Get Started Package
Provides buy-in from upper management and successful adoption from key users
Deploy to a larger group of users and continue user adoption​Deploy company-wide and/or globally
Standard Features
Role-Based Functionality and User Interface (UI)
Offline Capability with Data Sync
Accommodate Large Volumes of Transactions
Secure Login Through Authentication
App Features
Search Parts Catalog, inventories and stores locations
Request Parts for Work Orders
Self-pick and Issue Parts to Work Orders
Scan Parts Bar Code with Device Camera
Return Unused Parts to Inventory
Return Parts to Inventory to be Refurbished or Repaired
Attach Photos & Videos
Create Parts Pick Lists
Push Notifications
Receive Parts into Inventory
Dispose or Sell Parts
Transfer Parts from one Location to Another
Perform Cycle Counts
Generate Special Parts Orders
Generate Replenishment Orders
Optional Services
Configuration with Non-Standard TRIRIGA, Maximo Configurations or other integrations
Infrastructure Setup
InfoSec (Information Security) Settings - IT Vetting, Security Scans, etc.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Mobile Device Management (MDM) Support
On-Premise Implementation
Third Party Document Management
IoT Integrations
Additional ERP Integrations
Additional Parts Catalog Integrations